Xshell 4.0120 for Windows 10


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Xshell is a powerful client Telnet, Rlogin, and SSH. The application was made to the code that was previously used in another popular program PuTTY. However, the user interface is much more powerful and has more different functions. The program supports authorizations with DSAI RSA keys, and has a special bar to type in various commands and sending them to different sessions. In addition, it allows encryption of data using special algorithms Blowfish, arcfour, Rijndael, AES128/192/256 or 3DES. Xshell is mainly used to connect to other machines, but it can also be used to perform various Windows commands through the built-in local console. The program is available for free to any user. However, if we intend to use it for commercial purposes, for example, from this we can test it for 30 days trial version, and then purchase a license.